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The Church of the Lutheran Confession

Managing CLC and Congregational Services:  From the options in the left column you can access and manage different services of the CLC's online presence.

Information on Registering Domain names . . .
     Hosting your church website on the CLC server is free, but there is a cost to register the Internet Domain name $10-$13/yr).
     To make it as easy as possible for potential visitors to find your church information, it is recommended that you have an easy-to-remember Internet Domain name.  The easiest to remember, of course, would be "lutheran" prefixed by your city name (e.g.  Someone new in town would more likely type in such an address than the actual name of your church (which they probably don't know, anyway).  If you do want your church name as the domain name (and if it is still available), you can easily register each and have them both point to the same place. 
     Although the .ORG suffix is most commonly used for non-profit organizations (and one usually preferred), it is also important to register the .COM version of the same name - if at all possible.  If you don't, another church probably will possibly register it, and anyone accidentally typing in .COM instead of .ORG will be taken to that church's website.

     At any time through the process of registering a domain name or setting up a website, please feel free to give me a call at 803-361-2739 or email me at if you have problems or questions. You can CLICK HERE to register a domain name through a discount reseller account I have through, or you can use any other domain registry service.  Please contact me once you have registered the domain name for me to set up the hosting account on the CLC server.


NOTE:  While registering your Internet domain name through this discount account (and any domain registry), you will be offered some additional "value-added" options.  These options are not necessary for your CLC website (and many of them are included already in the free hosting package) - so ignore them and just order the domain name.  -- Glenn Oster